I build sales teams

I'm a B2B startup sales leader. I serve as interim Sales Lead for companies looking to scale to hire a sales executive.  


My specialties include: startup growth strategies, sales process development, training, marketing-sales alignment, and channel development.



The Sales Method

The Sales Method was built over 10 years of selling for startups. It is a tried and true process for rapidly growing startup revenue.


You're always selling something. If you're not selling yourself or your business, what are you selling?



Startup sales is about identifying the right process, value proposition and pricing for your customer and business. There is a clear model that can be applied to ramp your sales team in months. I will help you train, measure, and grow your sales team for success.


You can't talk about growth without marketing. I will help you establish the right balance of sales and marketing for your business and build your marketing infrastructure for sales alignment and scalability.


Every development cycle is a sales and marketing opportunity. I will teach you how to use each product iteration as an opportunity to acquire more customers and/or keep the ones you have. 


What I do


I need to know where you are before I can take you where you want to go. I will meet with your team to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities for quick wins.


Once we've implemented quick fixes, it is important that, we start laying the foundation for sales across the entire organization. We will define the roles and responsibilities of marketing and sales and define a structure for assessing product features.


Together, we will clearly define your target market and buyers, rework your qualification and value proposition, restructure your product demo and redefine the purpose of nurturing and proposals in your sales process.


Now that the context for selling has been established, we can apply structure to evaluate every opportunity that is in your pipeline. Pipeline reviews teach us where the greatest opportunities are for learning in the sales team.


We have the formula right, let's scale! Adding one to two people to the sales team will solidify what the existing team knows through knowledge transfer, thereby creating new challenges for growth.

My Philosophy

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I love growing companies; it is core to who I am. I like to think that startup sales is like pushing a boulder up a hill. It takes the right combination of grit, knowledge, and strength. It's not easy and that's the exact reason I love it. When all is said and done, your team will too!

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The business of sales growth is as much quantitative as it is qualitative. In a process-driven way, I will teach your sales and marketing teams how to identify, engage, and convert your target customers. 



Startup sales is best thought of as a set of overlapping spaces versus a sequence of orderly steps. In my world this overlap lives between sales, marketing and product. I align and focus these groups to grow your company.



I'm Whitney Sales.

I am a ten year sales veteran and sales nerd. As a founder, advisor and mentor, I've helped three companies earn a place in Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies list: LoopNet, Joby, and SpringAheadIn addition to my work with Bay Area startups, I am also a mentor for Stanford's StartX, Alchemist Accelerator, and Traction Tribe a Hungarian Incubator, as well as on-demand mentor for 500 Startups, the Founder Institute and Acceleprise.  Outside of work, I spend my time creating art, practicing yoga, studying neuroscience and human behavior, and exploring the world's nooks and crannies.

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