We love growing companies; it is core to who we are. We like to think that startup sales is like pushing a boulder up a hill. It takes the right combination of grit, knowledge, and strength. It's not easy and that's the exact reason we love it. When all is said and done, your team will too!




Whitney Sales is a business leader with over ten years of sales experience, and yes, in a twist of a self-fulfilling prophecy, Sales is her actual surname. It has served her well - Whitney has transitioned from leading sales organizations to consulting on how to build successful sales teams and get products to market faster for startups, early-stage stealth organizations, and enterprises.

Early in her sales career, Whitney helped four companies gain entry to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, including LoopNet, Joby, Meltwater, and SpringAhead. At LoopNet, she launched her first two products, one of which hit its annual target in only three months. At Joby, Whitney helped the company scale from a couple hundred thousand in revenue to $9M in a year. Having launched dozens of products, Whitney began researching, developing, and applying her process-driven approach, The Sales Method. The Sales Method is Whitney’s winning analytical process that looks at Sales-Market fit and Sales-Marketing blend to appeal to a target market’s buying process, and ultimately helps companies scale to market faster.

A native Californian, Whitney has been in the Bay Area for over a decade. She shares her deep sales knowledge as a general partner at Acceleprise Ventures and mentor for Stanford University’s StartX and Alchemist Accelerator. When not at work, Whitney can be found studying neuroscience and sociology, traveling the world, enjoying a yoga class or creating interactive art experiences.




Sarah Brooks, a lawyer originally from Savannah, Georgia, is The Sales Method’s Managing Director. She focuses on day-to-day business operations and consulting with clients. Her deep experience of bringing together startups and corporations is integral to the success of The Sales Method.

Sarah has spent the last year working with Pilot44 in San Francisco as a Corporate Innovation Consultant, where she’s helped large corporations like Procter&Gamble, Unilever, Nestle and Hershey understand emerging technologies, develop competitive strategies, discover solutions, and drive new projects by executing technology pilots with startups. Prior to Pilot44, Sarah, along with the founding team, built, and launched TechSquare Labs (TSL), an incubator, seed fund, co-working and corporate innovation space in Atlanta, Georgia. A Google for Entrepreneurs hub, TSL brings entrepreneurs together with investors and corporations to share ideas and build new startups.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys advising nonprofit organizations, kiteboarding and exploring local and worldwide destinations. She has scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro, taught scuba diving in New Zealand, and has visited over 40 countries, with many more in her future.




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